Alonzo P April 15, 2023

2023-05-16 | 15:19:11

"Great selection fair prices. This shop has it all. Great customer service. They really know what their customers like and want"
Reverend Father Robert O March 12, 2023

2023-03-16 | 20:56:42

"The experience was awesome...our club ICC cigar from the creek met there and enjoyed ourselves...will be back soon."
Ronald Chipper February 25, 2023

2023-03-16 | 20:56:36

"What a great place to get all of your cigars, and accessories. Very friendly place, the owner is wonderful, and makes you feel like family. I highly recommend checking this place out for your next cigar."
Lawrence Bland February 12, 2023

2023-03-16 | 20:56:30

"Always patient and very helpful. I've been smoking cigars for maybe 2 years now. I bought my first cigar here and haven't looked elsewhere since. No need the atmosphere and the staff are top notch!! If you're in the area stop by. You will not regret it!!"
Joseph Colombo December 23, 2022

2024-03-16 | 12:40:10

"Trying to find the "right" cigar shop to hang out and believe this is it! The owner is very personable and knowledgeable in cigars. Cigar prices are reasonable and their selection is diverse."
Wade Moody December 2, 2022

2024-03-16 | 12:40:12

"I went there after my daughter was born(2020) for a celebratory cigar with two of my close friends and hung out in the lounge for a few hours. Been a few times since also, I love this place, nice people, great atmosphere and fine cigars. I'll be going there today to get another celebratory cigar to celebrate the birth of my son."